Social Soups’ activities started in 2014 in collaboration with the association Pigna Mon Amour in Sanremo with events and artist residencies, curated by Erica Grollero.

The cultural association Pigna mon Amour, which is active in the so-called “Pigna” in the old district of the Ligurian city Sanremo in Italy (“Pigna” means “cone” in English, because of the conic shape of this urban site). Pigna hosts a variety of communities as it became through its history a location designated to receive immigrants, first from southern Italy and in our days from North Africa, Senegal, and Bangladesh. The association aims to regain housing, tourism and crafts through the recognition of the cultural identity of locations which would contribute to the social transformation processes already activated by Pigna Mon Amour and to socio-economical and cultural developments which could generate employment, increase the cultural access to the cultural heritage, improve the district’s availability and guarantee internet services. The focus of the association lays on activities attend to “create community” among local residents and foster the “connection” with the new city of Sanremo and its inhabitants who have abandoned and removed Pigna.

Social Soups invited artists to experience, research and experiment the social and cultural life of the old city of Sanremo – the Pigna –  and to contribute with artistic operations which were produced in the residency period.

Rafram Chaddad (Israel)

November 2014




Panem et Circenses (Italy) 

April 18 – 26, 2015

Panem et circenses - performance La Pigna/Sanremo / apr 2015 Photography by © Zoe Vincenti



Vagaram Choudhary (India)

June 30 – July 09, 2015

Vagaram in kitchen