urban area

The urban area is a microcosmos mirroring the world in a specific socio-historical context and architecture.
 Genoa, situated on the Ligurian coast,  is such city, which is still not complete discovered and rich on cultural and ethnic diversities. Here is hosted once a year in collaboration with BizArt an artist in the Villa Durazzo Bombrini for research and project production concerning the multifaceted aspects of Genoa. (with the kind support of the Genova Liguria Film Commission).
This year  (2017) from October 5 to October 15  the  Argentinian artists and filmmaker Mauricio Moròn and Nicolas R. Rey will continue the documentary film production Cocina Abierta in Genoa.
About the artists:


Mauricio Moròn Artist, photographer, and video maker. He lives in Fernández Oro, Río Negro – Argentina and he works as independent director of photography and filmmaker for documentaries and TV-programs. He is active in exhibition of installations and photography, where he developed his specific concept of space, the image, and its translation in his typical edit. He is always engaged to form identity and authenticity of his characters, mirroring compromise and sensibility of an entire life dedicated to visual arts. Currently he works on documentary series of immigrants’ communities Cocina Abierta, in which is emphasized identity and integration processes and the cooking interpreted as relational practice. Contemporarily he produces and directs a documentary series about art residencies in Patagonia Residencia, poéticas del territorio with a special attention on the creative processes of the artists in residence and the way they connect with the context.


Nicolas R. Rey Photographer, artist, chef and cultural producer. He lives and works in Contralmirante Cordero, Río Negro, Patagonia (Argentina). He is producer of the artist residence program Barda del Desierto and founder of Comedor Eventual, an itinerant restaurant, which is set in open natural spaces and aims to generate relational involvements through food. Currently he works in the documentary series of the Alto Valle’s immigrant communities, their identities and integration process for which he uses cooking as relational practice. He also works on his land art project, producing portraits of big dimensions in apple plantation dealing with generational changes and changes in production method.