In 2017 Social Soups begins a collaboration with the unit for the research floriculture and ornamental species ( Unità di ricerca per la Floricoltura e le Specie Ornamentali ) of the CREA  – Centro di ricerca Orticoltura e Florovivaismo in Sanremo. This research institute for agrarian nutrition has scientific competences in agriculture, aquaculutre, forestry, nutrition and socio-economics.

CREA in Sanremo hosts interdisciplinary artists as artists in Social Soups residence for a collaborative production with the institute. 

The artists till now are:

Serena Porrati

•Giuseppe La Spada



The institute resides in the Villa Bel Respiro in Sanremo with a long history and relation to literature: the parents of the known writer Italo Calvino, Mario Calvino and Eva Mameli Calvino, both botanists, lived and worked here.

Social Soups and CREA