We are living in a critical moment of conflicts worldwide. Food as resource through history causes conflicts on divers levels, but food is a base to provide conflict solution as well. The filmmaker Ahmad Malki (Palestine) and Zaid BaQaeen (Jordan) describe in their short film Ur-Soup with strong poetic imaginary this global situation.

Ahmad Malki and Zaid BaQaeen have been in Genoa in the artist residence of Villa Durazzo Bombrini from 25th of July − 3rd of August 2016.In this period the filmmakers will continue their Social Soups movie project. This movie project is based on the idea that conflicts can be resolved only through a local and active cooperation and conscientious acceptance of the challenges therein. If in the feature Ur-Soup is pictured the primary condition of co-living, in the Villa Bombrini residency BaQaeen and Malki will highlight human dignity and human rights as foremost important “ingredients” of the Social Soups recipe. The filmmakers will research and film the meaning of food aiming to picture poetically the potential of transformation towards understanding and positive co-living.



In the end of their stay we had the possibility to show during a public artist talk their productions:

Features of the artist talk:

  • Condom Lead by Zaid BaQaeen was nominated for the Palme D’Or 2013 for best short movie
  • the movie Samar by Ahmad Malki was awarded at the Dubai Film Festival
  • some short documentary, of which some were commissioned by the Jordan Government, about the refugee situation in Jordan e.g. Hotel Zaatari.
  • Ur-Soup

Presentation of the filmmakers: artist talk at August 2, 2016 at 6.00pm in the Sala Solimena in Villa Durazzo Bombrini, Via Lodovico Antonio Muratori, 5 in Genoa


About the artists:

Zaid BaQaeen (Jordan)

Zaid BaQaeen, is a multiple award winning cinematographer, actor, writer filmmaker and visual designer from Amman – Jordan. After his visual design background he studied and specialized in screenwriting and cinematography at the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts (RSICA), for which he received international recognition. One of the recent films he received a Palm D’Or nomination in Festival De Cannes 2013, after earning his international awards earlier for both cinematography and acting. Zaid is currently developing his first feature film script in Morocco.

Ahmad Malki (Palestine)

Ahmad is a Palestinian filmmaker, producer, editor and photographer living and working mainly in Jordan. In 2013 he got international recognition with “Samar”, a narrative movie for which he was awarded during the Dubai Film Festival. Ahmad’s work shows the inner motivation and vision of the human being caught in given disadvantaged condition as possibility of a deep transformation of reality. “Normal”, daily-life activities, like food preparation, are becoming imminent importance as they express the spirit of the individual within society.

Rachela Abbate from Social Soups interviews the filmmaker Ahmad Malki and Zaid Baqaeen about their ideas for the Social Soups projects.