Social Soups invites artists to “prepare a social soup”; artists who focus on their research and work on food and formulate diverse social, cultural, economic, environmental, scientific and political interpretations. In the Social Soups’ residency, the artists experience and research social and cultural life of cities and territories and contribute to the understanding of co-existence. By using food and through multiple techniques and expressions the artists deal with important subjects related to nutrition: from food as means of survival and dependencies to food as condition of social injustice and obsessions.

As the topics which are related to food are multifold, the projects are divided into different categories, which can also overlap. The categories are:

In a first step, the artist will develop a project based on a proposed concept during a stay in one of our partners’ institution or locations (artist residency). The production will take place during the stay or after the artist’s stay and can be sometimes the beginning of a long-term project in collaboration with Social Soups and the partners of this project.