Tasting the Sea

The third artist residency 2016 by Social Soups  in Villa Durazzo Bombrini with the Welsh artist Sara Rees. Tasting the Sea is the work title of Sara Rees’  artistic research project, conceptualizing the sea in social and political terms as a global ‘social soup’.

Sara:” The sea both unites and separates us. Recent scientific findings support the hypothesis that all life on earth arose from deep sea hydrothermal vents. It is the primary medium of globalisation, and yet this vast wilderness embodies the unconscious of human civilization. Covering over 70% of the earth (and containing 97% of the earth’s water), the sea remains as mysterious and untamable as the Universe beyond our small planet.
The Social Soup residency’s specific context of Genoa offers rich opportunities to explore the cultural history of the sea in relation to the Anthropocene and contemporary geopolitical concerns, such as the impact of colonialism, neoliberalism, globalisation and empire on the environment, human beings and other life forms. Once a leading mercantile city state and home to Christopher Columbus, today Genoa is Italy’s largest port and home to many fascinating sites that relate to various aspects of sea – the city’s Maritime museum, lighthouse, aquarium, Columbus’ house, the commercial port and the city’s refugee community. I will conduct my research of these sites and liminal communities through the mediums of photography, video and text, and these documents will later form the basis for a film essay, a psycho-geographic exploration of the city and its relationship to the sea.”

The artist in residency program by Social Soups and BizArt is realized thanks to the collaboration of GLFC – Genoa Liguria Film Commission. As special thanks to Bizbizspace, Giovanardi Farmaceutici, Strucural Project and Tecnavi.

Here Sara’s first day working together with Davide, Giulio and Rachela.













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